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New Guidelines: Pap Test for Cervical Cancer Once Every Three to Five Years

New guidelines issued on October 23, 2012 suggest women should be screened for cervical cancer every three to five years at most.

The Center for the Biology of Chronic Disease (CBCD) has just learned that The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (The College), issued new guidelines on October 23, 2012 that suggest women should be screened for cervical cancer every three to five years at most.

The new guidelines also indicated that getting the Pap test and the HPV (human papillomavirus) test done at the same time is better than the Pap test alone.

However, this is only recommended for females ages 30 and older and used once every five years.

“These recommendation changes are significant for physicians and patients alike. It will take some time and a lot of effort to re-educate everyone that the annual Pap is no longer the standard of care. It is critical, however, that women understand that their annual well-woman visit is still very important for many other aspects of their health care.” – David Chelmow, M.D.

The CBCD agrees with these recommendations since it is well known that in 90% of cases, the body’s immune system clears HPV naturally within two years.

“The key to your health is to reduce the level of the latent viruses in your body to harmless levels.” – Dr. Hanan Polansky

The CBCD also agrees with Dr. Polansky and thus points out an HPV remedy called Gene-Eden-VIR that helps the immune system target the latent HPV virus.

Gene-Eden-VIR is efficient against latent HPV. Each ingredient was chosen through a scientific approach. polyDNA scientists scanned thousands of scientific and medical papers published in various medical and scientific journals around the world in order to identify safe and effective natural ingredients that target the latent HPV.

Gene-Eden-VIR is safe. There are no reports of side effects, and it has been on the market for over three years. Each capsule contains a patented formula of five all natural ingredients including selenium, camellia sinesis extract, quercetin, cinnamomum extract, and licorice extract. In addition, each bottle is GMP Certified.

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Note: This press release was first issued by The Center for the Biology of Chronic Disease (CBCD), a not-for-profit organization that specializes in researching the biology of foreign DNA.

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